Sincerity, Manners and Individuality in the New Millenium

In an era of flux, how to find personal style that everyone else can also appreciate. One of the skills to dressing well is maintaining a sense of tradition but also developing a talent to edit it with contemporary tastes.

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Lumbs Golden Bale Cloth

The virtues of Lumbs Golden Bale cloth discussed. This ambrosia of suiting fabrics is worn by Titans of industry both past and present.

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Mohair, the Casual Power Suit

FNB demonstrates the power of a good mohair cut.

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The Importance of not being earnest

Catering to the male desire to wear smart clothes both for the office and casually, FNB presents two jacket fabrics which provide the wearer with fun, style and dignity.

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How Checkered Hippo and I saved the Universe for Democracy

How the author made sure to commemorate one of our mightiest superheroes by permanently weaving him into the fabric of the universe. A reminder to evil that he is out there amongst the stars, watching over us.

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